Northern Exposure Finland ( 7 Nights)

Northern European life and natural beauty

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

The Aurora Borealis might be waiting at the end of the journey, as we head North from Helsinki to Lapland.

Late Autumn and Winter in Finland offers many different landscapes, as the nights become colder and the dark evenings allow for sightings of millions of stars and of course, the chance of Northern Lights.

During October and November, there is very little snow, even in Lapland, but the dark nights allow for stunning views of starry skies, while the days have variance of sunlight, shade and the Autumn colours of the leaves on the trees. A wonderful time for photography! It can be a little chilly, even without snow as the temperature plummets overnight, so good winter clothing is still required. Northern Lights are very possible during this whole time!

From December – March, full winter is in swing. From Helsinki to Mid Finland, the snow usually arrives around Christmas time, but as the programs takes guests North, they are quite sure to experience full Finnish Winter.

Helsinki – Our chic compact Capital is our meeting point and a chance to get used to Finland before heading North.

Take in the main sights, such as Helsinki Cathedral or go searching for designer glass and textile while in the city.


Saimaa Lakeland – One of Europe’s largest and cleanest Lake areas, with excellent air quality, this stop is all about stepping into Nature in the Forest Spa, Meeting the Reindeer and relaxing in the Forest Spa, crafted into the rock face on the shores of Lake Saimaa, using natural only natural materials.

Kuhmo – Heart of Bear Country, although the Bears are all hibernating during Winter time, the Taiga forests offer a great space for recreation.



Ruka – Ruka area is one of Finland’s most popular resorts, as well as offering some of the most unique and authentic accommodation offers in Finland. Huge Wooden Log Cabins, made especially from Dead Wood in traditional chalet style offer a home away from home for guests, with en suite shower rooms, large communal living areas and cosy fireplaces for settling in the evenings.


Rovaniemi – The border of the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi is the home of the Official Santa Claus Village andwhere this journey is complete.

From the Capital city to the Arctic Circle has taken 7 nights of atmospheric travel, making memories in each very different location.


*Husky Dog Sledding

*Reindeer Farm visit

*Olavinlinna Castle in Savonlinna

*Lake Spa

*Nordic Walking

*Northern Lights Excurisoins

*Visit to Santa Claus Village

*Helsinki City Sightseeing