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For the best experience the north can provide you with, you have to visit the best spots with the right amount of time and at the right time of the year. We at Kontiki Finland are experts in producing travel experiences in Finland and Scandinavia that meet the expectations of your dreams and commitment.

Finland, Scandinavia, St. Petersburg and the Baltic area Travel Services for outbound operators

Travel Service we provide our customers

Group Tours

Ready made packages specially for groups. Small amendments are possible, however these routes and programs have been found to work and provide the best overall experience of Finland and Scandinavia!

Tailor Made

When you require something totally unique and just for your group, series or customers, then a signature tour can be tailor made. Taking into account the customer experience with our expertise!

Small Group and F.I.T.

Ready made tours and modules for the discerning FIT customers and small groups. The best spots are selected for the experiences that are available at any give time of the year.

Why Finland and Scandinavia

First things that comes to mind about Finland is the Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis. This is one of the best areas in the World to see these fantastic natural light displays. 

Why is it the best:

  1. Easy Access
  2. Easy and safe to view them
  3. Probability to see them is high
  4. Great additional program services

Is there something else?

Much of the unspoilt natural beauty still remains in Finland and especially it’s lakeland. with over 180 000 lakes – yes you read correctly – there are plenty of clean and beautiful lakes to choose from.

We would like to recommend the Lake Saimaa Region – with Historic towns such as Savonlinna and Mikkeli as well as some of the most picturesque roads and views anywhere in Scandinavia.

Lake Saimaa Boasts over 14 000km of shoreline – yes again you did indeed read correctly – the longest shoreline of any freshwater lake in the world.What is the best time to visit the Lakeland region and Lake Saimaa?

The best time to visit depends on quite a few question from the traveller… For example?

 – “Would you like fish, enjoy swimmin, sauna by the lake etc..?”
– ” Would you like to enjoys the berry and mushroom / wild food Season?”
– “Would you like to Ski, Skate or snowmobile?”

All of the above and many other question and answers will determine the best  time to visit.

what that's not it?

Fortunately for us, no that is not it. We have ton more to do and see.

We are a Country of thousand lakes, but we also have thousands of islands… on the sea. In fact if you look at closely we have lake-lakes and island-islands… i.e. Lakes on islands that are on lakes… But we have one of the largest Archipelago – Group of Islands – of it’s kind in the world.. 

Some 90 000 islands on our coast line from the Border with Russia to the border of Sweden. Largest concentration is near the west coast city of Turku – home to our eldest castle – and the Autonomous island group of Åland.

Daily Trips to the Islands near Helsinki – Experience that rivals most.

Finland Tours and much much more...

We provide expertly designed tours in and around Finland. Tour lengths vary from only a couple of days to multi week long tours in Scandinavia. We have constructed these tours with years of expertise and knowledge of our locations and what they can offer.

We are also happy to say that we do not sell a particular location due to it’s shortcomings or due to it’s location and how it fit’s into the overall tour itinerary.  All Tours are designed with the experience in mind.

Group Tours

Our services for group travel vary from simple overnights to multi-city multi-country tours.

We take care of one off groups as well as whole season long series. We can offer fully guided tours in most languages as well as just mechanical services.

Please find out more about our services and tours for groups. 


Our services vary from traditional tour operator / DMC products both for groups and F.I.T. to Planning and operating MICE events, product launches and staff incentives.

Finland and Scandinavia offers an unique location for the most memorable events. All season have something special to offer in various parts of the country and region.

Please find out more about our services. 

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