When one thinks of Norway, it is impossible to forget the images of high mountains and deep waters around the Fjords.  Could be that you also know about the ‘Most Beautiful train ride in the world’?  Also, in Norway!

Our Norwegian story is clear and straight to the point.  Oslo is so much more that just an airport city – it is highly recommended to take some time for personal discovery;  A stroll down Karl Johan, Oslo’s main street or a walk along Aker Brugge, the Harbour area with its numerous shops, bars and restaurants!  Locals also recommend visits to Vineland’s Sculptures in Erogner Park or visit some of the many museums in Bygdoy.  Whatever the choice for free time, guests will be charmed by Oslo.

From Oslo central station, the Bergen Railway between Oslo and Bergen is considered one of the world’s most scenic train rides.  They journey brings you across one of the Europe’s highest mountain plateaus and through vast and varied nature.

At Myrdal, guests change trains to the Flåm Railway between Myrdal and Flåm.  Now this is the

STEEPEST train lines in the world running on normal tracks!  The journey runs through steep mountains, past breathtaking waterfalls and through 20 tunnels.  It is possible to see great views of the Fjords and mountains from this journey.

From Flåm, the fun continues with a beautiful scenic cruise from Flåm to Bergenwhich takes 5 hours, cruising on the Sognefjord, Norway’s longest Fjord, of which part is a UNESCO World Heritage listed natural area.  The Fjord is surrounded by steep mountains with snow covered tops that stretch up to 1800 meters above sea level.  Water falls cascade down the mountains and picturesque villages dot the landscape.


Bergenis Brilliant!

A Stroll in Bryggen is the symbol of Bergen Cultural heritage and has gained a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is a must!  The Old Hanseatic Wharf is architecturally unique and is perhaps one of the most familiar images of all of Norway.



*Explore Oslo

*Oslo – Bergen Railway (most scenic train ride in the world?)

*Flåm Railway journey (steepest train journey in the world)

*Cruise on Norway’s longest Fjord

*Explore Bergen



1 Night Oslo

1 Night Myrdal or Flåm

2 Nights Bergen