The many different faces and cultural aspects of different Scandinavian and Baltic Capitals showcase the rich variety of history, modern life and activities that can be reach in one visit to this Northern European Region. People are friendly, proud of their society and most of all proficient in languages, so knowing some English will get anybody by just fine.

Norway – Vikings, Atlantic Coast and most advanced electric car infrastructure in the world. Not to mention the trolls, oil, beautiful people and cross country skiing. Norway having hosted the winter olympics in Lillehammer, this country’s DNA includes ski’s, high mountains and proud Viking heritage.

Oslo – the Capital, provides modern city with all of the latest technology, culinary delights etc, however if you are here, then one must become one with Vikings. Boasting one of the best Viking museums in the world, this is the starting point to understand life in the North from a historical perspective.

Sweden – Abba, Björn (Bear) Borg, Volvo and IKEA, this old North European Superpower which once in the 15 century ruled most of Northern Europe provides another view and to culture, people and modernity to the story, which is steeped in historical roots that sprung up from the Viking time.

Stockholm – the Capital – Since Vikings are ✅ checked, move decicevily to visit the VASA Museum, and

15th Century War ship that sunk in the harbour of Stockholm. Restored, covered and well cared for, this unique museum gives unique perspective to war history and life in the time of Kings, Queens and their subjects. Stockholm Old Town can swallow one day without making it boring. Kings Castle, rivers, cafes, shops this beautiful town is one to immerse one into modern take of 15th Century.

Finland – over 70% of the landmass is forested, 187 888 lakes, yes that many and only 5 million people – the 2017 SAFEST COUNTRY TO VISIT in the world. This unique country that has it’s history moulded by pagan time forest tribes to Great Sweden Rule for 600 years and Russian Imperial rule for another 108 year (for good measure) provides a natural view of the European cultural border with the East. Turning 100 years of age on 6th December 2017, Finland is finally mature.

Helsinki – Clean, Beautiful, Small, Friendly, Tasty and Modern, has it all in different ways that Oslo and Stockholm. Providing clear influence of Imperial Russian era coupled with strong Finnish history of “being in the middle” and not belonging to anywhere but here. This statement requires further explanation to fully understand the difference that Visiting Finland gives its guests; Finnish Language, It’s own language groups Fenno-Ugric languages, which in essence means that it is nothing like Russian, nor is it anything like Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or the other Germanic languages. Not technically part of Scandinavia nor the Baltic. Don’t feel bad, the Finns don’t, this is the promised land of the forest people, fire worshipping midsummer dancing, northern lights gazing, equalitarian people who are schooled in an education system that rivals all.

Highlights: 6 nights

*2 Nights Oslo

  • Guided tour and Visit to the Viking Museum

*2 Nights Stockholm

  • Guided walking tour of Gamla Stan (Old Town) and Royal Palace

*2 Nights Helsinki

  • Guided walking tour of Helsinki Harbour markets and Helsinki Cathedral

*Day tour tickets to Tallinn with Guided walking tour.