Finland as a MICE destination

MICE Programs in Finland

Four seasons, great facilities with great connectivity and multitude of available activities makes Finland an attractive option for business events and congress arrangements. Helsinki alone offers options that are hard to beat, but how about rest of Finland.

Depending on size and length of an event, one of the key points is access – efficient and reasonably fast connection with unique location. As Finland is relatively small country – all be it over 1000km in length (south to north) it has multitude of regional airports, translations and reliable transport infrastructure. So even the most remote areas of Northern Lapland (Finnish Lapland) are not too time consuming to get to.

If an organisation decides to take a plunge and come to Finland then the best place to start is to understand the seasons that we can offer.  Each season has its own distinctive style and highlights – although our Capital Helsinki is never sleeps, airports are world famous for running on time even in the harshest of climates!  Buses, trains, schools and businesses never benefit from a “snow day” or allowances for harsh weather, so no need to worry that the experience will be any less than top notch, even during our deep winter.

For more on seasons, check out our blog post.

Highlights for MICE customers:

*Steamboat, Tall mast sailing ships and cruises in Southern Finland

*Rally Driving, Mercedes Benz circuit training

*Northern Lights adventures by snowmobile or husky dog sleds in Lapland Winter

*Hidden theatre & specially designed cultural events

*Food workshops and Liquor / Beer tasting

*Congress Events throughout Finland

*Multi-city Incentive programs – Stockholm, Tallinn, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and more