Cultural Lakeland in Finland

Start Point:  Helsinki                   End Point:  Helsinki

Saimaa Lake system is the largest lake in Finland with 14,000 islands! One of the largest freshwater lake in Europe, formed from the ice melt of the last Ice Age.  The Saimaa Ringed Seal is an endangered species living only here in Finland.

There is more shoreline here in Saimaa than any other lake system in the world, with 15,000 km of shore, 50,000 cabins and just as many Saunas!

With Finland’s world famous Clean Air and exceptional water quality, health and wellbeing pursuits on each of the 14,000 islands, from Digital Detox, Wild Food and herb therapy, Organic Forests, and Sauna :  Saimaa can be considered the World’s Largest Natural Spa. 

The area is rich in culture too.  As the former border area between Russia and Sweden, before Finland was independent, there are Manor Houses scattered throughout the region and the famous Castle in Savonlinna hails back to older times.

Rock paintings prove that this area was inhabited already around 5000 years ago, with paintings depicting Elk, Fish, People and Boats.

Highlights included for FIT & Groups:

*3 Nights accommodation 

*Gym, Sauna, Pool & Lake swimming

*Lake Cruise 

*Visit to Savonlinna and Olavinlinna Castle

*Wine Tasting

*Visit to Kenkävero Vicarage gardens, Manor and Design area


*Visit to the Organic Forest and making a Wild Food product with the Chef

*Berry & Mushroom Picking program

*Lake Cruise to 5000 year old Rock Paintings

*Spa Treatments

*Lakeside Smoke Sauna for private use

*Fishing Excursions