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My Hilarious mistakes as a Travel Agent

Running your own business is not always a bundle of laughs.  Don’t get me wrong, I love creating awesome experiences for my guests, making sure that each experience is just suited to the customer and the season…. But the reality … Continue reading 

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Move over Rudolf, this is the Christmas Eel…!?

During the darkest (and most festive) time of year, where else would you find an Electric Eel that lights up your Christmas Tree? Well Helsinki, of course.  Where else is mad enough to think this up? Brain child of Markus Dernjatin, … Continue reading 

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Regions of Finland – A holiday guide

Regions of Finland – A holiday Guide Finland is only 130,596 square miles, with a small population of 5.4 Million people, but each part of Finland has a distinct identity.’s map of Finland above is our reference point for … Continue reading 

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Why Stopover in Finland?

Stopover Finland Why, of all the points of Stopover in the world, would you chose Finland? Well members of our team have written before about Stopovers in Helsinki, Transits at Helsinki airport, Layover activities and the like.  But what about … Continue reading 

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Cruise stopping in Helsinki? – What to do in Summer 2015

So you’ve browsed the standard offers from the cruise company portfolio, read a bunch of stuff online and still not decided what to do when you dock at Helsinki for the day? Don’t worry, we know the feeling 🙂 So … Continue reading 

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PRESS RELEASE – Sibelius & Friends Anniversary Day Tour from Helsinki

PRESS RELEASE: SIBELIUS & FRIENDS ANNIVERSARY DAY TOUR With 2015 celebrating the 150 anniversary of 3 very important Finnish Artists, there is now a special way to celebrate their birthdays from Helsinki. With collection from the lobby of guest’s hotels, … Continue reading 

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Retro Recipe: Sandwich Cake – Smörgåstårta

 Retro Recipe: Sandwich Cake Smörgåstårta Is it a Sandwich?  Is it a Cake? No..its a Smörgåstårta!  (Catchy…) Apart from those of us avoiding regular contact with gluten / wheat products, most people love a sandwich and nothing beats the presentation of a … Continue reading 

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Who was Sibelius?

Not the most common question – I will give you that. If you plan to travel to Finland, or have been searching the web you might have stumbled across references to Sibelius, this year especially, as it marks the 150 year … Continue reading 

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What is Kon Tiki?

Viracocha – This is where it all began. Viracocha was the Creator God in Pre-Incan Mythology.  His identity was associated with the sea and water, storms and weather. As one of the most important deities, he was seen as the creator of … Continue reading 

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Cool Congress Events in Helsinki….

Helsinki’s Coolest Congress Event this year… So we might not be struck with modesty over this event – mainly because I’m incredibly proud of our team and all of their hard work to make this event as brilliant as it … Continue reading 

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