My Hilarious mistakes as a Travel Agent

Running your own business is not always a bundle of laughs.  Don’t get me wrong, I love creating awesome experiences for my guests, making sure that each experience is just suited to the customer and the season….

But the reality of working through the cold dark months, that which we call “high season” here in Finland is far from the customer’s experience of late nights with Northern Lights and day time cuddling lovely Husky dogs!  Our guide’s get the best experience as they are out and about all day and evening, with lovely guests from all over the world.

Who organises all of this – me, in the office.  With lights on.  It is dark when I get it and dark when I leave.  I pay the bills, I price the jobs, I do the photocopying, I do a lot of typing and checking of flights……

And sometimes I make mistakes, no serious errors in the work, but typing errors as my eyes get blurry from being on the screen for hours and hours with minimal breaks…. Skype chats, emails, linkedIn requests, Facebook comments, twitter browsing….many blog-post-outtakesof you know how may hats we have to wear.

One thing makes me smile even on the most challenging days – the hilarious typing errors that may or may not have been sent to clients in the past. Here are some of the ones that I have caught before clicking “SEND”.

  • Spend the night in an Ice Toom (sounds like TOMB – Freaky!)
  • Overnight in “Sly Hotel” (instead of Sky Hotel, which sounds like a nicer place!)
  • Enjoy some Finnish delicacies and try our Shite Fish (Um…its White Fish)
  • Funland (my new name for Finland)
  • Ginland (an even better name for Finland!)
  • Take a visit to Satan’s Post Office (why would he have a Post office?!?)
  • Let us know your hotel for Puick up (sounds like “Puke up”…how very childish of me…!)
  • During Midsummer we celebrate with Solstice Bongfires (oops)
  • blog-post-sick-emojiMeet and Greet with a Russian Spewing Guide (Thanks Auto correct!)
  • Thanks for your business, Best Retards.   (that’s just rude.)

Needless to say, day to day work is a bit fun sometimes, especially Monday mornings when I do require a double check of my emails!

Am I alone in typing ridiculous out-takes?  Let me know yours!






Kind retards,

Sarah x

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