Why Stopover in Finland?

Stopover Finland

Why, of all the points of Stopover in the world, would you chose Finland?

Well members of our team have written before about Stopovers in Helsinki, Transits at Helsinki airport, Layover activities and the like.  But what about the rest of Finland?  huh?  Back to the “Why?” in the title!

finnair angry bird planeFinnair have plans to make booking a Stopover with them a smooth process, meaning more access to flight options that help guests maximize the enjoyment of their traveling time.  Because lets face it – waiting around for a flight isn’t the best part of traveling is it? (although I recently had a long layover at Copenhagen while traveling Berlin—Helsinki with SAS, and that airport is doing something right…)

The natural progression for guests wishing to Stopover in Finland or Helsinki, is to figure out the best place to overnight. Helsinki city centre has well over 130 hotels, not bad for a small Capital city!

Next stage:  What to do –  Sorting out your program, from self guided maps of the city, excursions in the Northern Part of Lapland – it all takes time right?

But back to WHY?!

finland world atlas regions


Finland is really small.  Ok, so it isn’t that small, but the population is small and coming to Finland for a short break means being able to move around and have plenty of action:  From Helsinki to the arctic circle is just over an hour by flight, or an overnight train as an alternative.  To get further North doesn’t take that much time either.  Here is a rough breakdown of where you can be in Finland within 6-8 hours of landing at Helsinki airport (in theory):

A.  Helsinki city centre harbor, sipping something lovely, having already checked inA21 cocktails to the hotel, checked out the Cathedral and harbor market, eaten Reindeer meatballs or pickled herring (or whatever…) and having already changed your airplane socks.

B.  Lakeside, sitting on a private deck, cooling off after a long roy roos photography imagewarm sauna!  Summer and Winter it is possible swim or dip into the lake, improving circulation and offering a taste of Finnish craziness!  You’ve changed more than your socks and dinner is waiting for you.

C. Action Packed, you are on the Baltic Sea, either in a RIB boat enjoyingTomas and Sarah Rib boat a thrilling ride around the Archipelago, all the way to the outer islands and the lighthouse.  During Winter the sea freezes!  Our best sea adventure during this time is riding around on a snowmobile ON the frozen sea.

If you’d rather stay on solid ground, driving the husky sleds has never disappointed!  Watch this video to get the feeling…

D. Wilderness – You’ve boarded a train from Helsinki and your soon arriving into theFinland holidays Taiga forest region, where you’ll spend a night or two in Bear watching hides close to the Russian border, where the brown bears, wolverine and wolves come to feed on a nightly basis.

E. Winter Lapland – during the cold months, of which there are many from November –glass_igloo_4_4006 April, Lapland is alive with activities!  Within 6-8 hours you can be nestled up in reindeer sleigh, wrapped in blankets and enjoying an evening under the Starry skies.  Or how about sleeping in a snow hotel, glass igloo or log cabin?  And relax….


Time goes slowly in Finland.  Ok once again I use creative license 🙂  It doesn’t of course, go technically any slower, but the pace of life is slower.  This means that while you can fill your days with back to back activities, there is always time to just stop and look around at the Lapland Fell scenery, or breath in the clean breeze from the Sea, or take time for a long relaxing sauna like the Finns do.  During Summer we are lucky to have days that are almost 20 hours long with light and warmth!  You can have two days of experiences in 24 hours here!


Friendship.  You might have heard that the Finnish people are quiet.  They can be.  However, some of the most vibrant and outgoing people work in the travel trade here in Finland and we always aim to for our guests to leave having made a Friend of Finland.


You can find more inspiration for Stopover Finland & Helsinki, and as always please comment and ask questions below 🙂

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Sarah - Mainly-English-Speaking-Canadian-British-Finn, UAE born. Travel, animals, children, nature, city & food enthusiast. & Tomas - Finnish born world traveller, with a love of fishing, food and fire :) LinkedIn - Sarah Coombes Google+ - Sarah KontikiFinland
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