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We had a lovely review from a customer recently, of her Day Trips from Helsinki, that we thought we’d share:

I began my tours with Tomas from Kontiki Finland tour company on 06/28/2014 and I was able to see so much of Finland and customize my trips to ensure I visited and experienced as much as I could in my limited time in Finland. Tomas is an amazing guide and willing to answer many questions and his knowledge of Finland and traditions was very informative.


Day 1 Tomas walked me through the city of Helsinki, the boat marina, the shops, churches etc. explaining Finland’s culture and history as we walked. I was then off to enjoy the Sibelius Experience, if you enjoy music and especially piano’s this is a must.


It was then off to the Archipelago, which I must confess I knew nothing about. I was taken to the oldest fishing family’s restaurant for fish soup and island bread which wasIMG_9915 copy 2 delicious. We then took the boat back out to the water and were off to the island, where we walked through the forest learning about the nature and climbed up a lookout spot and I was able to see the multiple islands and what a view. We then had a small snack and enjoyed the glorious sun and peacefulness of the island.

Day 2 was a trip to the town of Porvoo, Sippo Old Church and Suomelinna Fortress Island.

roy-roos-porvoo-river-cityhallviewPorvoo is a great town to visit and to learn about the trading that took place in the town long ago. There is a great chocolate shop in Porvoo and must to try is the salted licorice.  Sipoo Old Church is a gem hidden in the tour it was open and I was able to get some amazing information on religion in Finland and history of religions in Finland and architecture. Despite the nasty weather Suomelinna Island had so much to offer, you must go when the submarine is open as I am still amazed that there were so many people in it as it seemed very crowded with just 6 people.

Day 3 was a trip to Fiskar’s the famous orange scissors among all the other companies they now own. While in Fiskars you must try the chocolate at Petris as he usesCastle_of_Turku,_old_side ingredients from his own garden and the cakes are to die for. We then traveled to Turku Castle, do not let the outside fool you, the buildings seem simple but inside the museum is full of history. You must hear story of the church and storing grain it is Finland. Then there was a walk through the town of Turku which has some great architecture.

Day 4 a trip to Tampere where the only Lenin museum is outside of Russia. The information the museum has compiled on Lenin was fascinating. You will gain an tampere_tammer_1_02understanding of the movement and another view of why Finland has been able to maintain its culture. We then traveled to the Amuri District and it is like going back in time to how the residents/workers of the area lived.   Walking around the town you will see several statues of the famous gold medal winner from Finland. The library in this town is also a fabulous piece of architecture and a must see as inside is very modern. There is fly fishing in the town by the lakes and on a good day would be a fun outing. The rye pizza was incredible something everyone should try while in Finland.

Day 5 was a trip to Ainola which is where Sibelius House is. This is a truly amazing area as there are so many artists in the area. We then traveled to Tuusula where the Lotta Museum was and learned the role that women of Finland had during the war movement.Roy-roos-Helsinki-seurasaari800x500 We then drove to Arabianranta which is where the Littala outlet/design house is and there are several hanging art pieces of the products manufactured by them that are fascinating, scissors hanging from the ceiling makes for an incredible photo. Then we off to Seurasaari Open Air museum that takes you back in time to see how the residents of Finland lived in cottages, farmsteads, and manors and these homes come from all over Finland so if you could not make it to Lapland don’t worry they have buildings from there and you can see how they lived.


Thanks for the lovely review of the locations & Experiences you enjoyed while in Finland!

It was a pleasure to have you as our guest…

Tomas & the Kontiki Finland Team


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