10 most Romantic places in Helsinki

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10 most Romantic Places in Helsinki for Valentine’s Day   frosted roses

There is always a reason to find a little romance in the world, these top Helsinki spots are great for lovers of all budgets!

Here our our top tips for Valentine’s Day, Special Occasions or romantic getaways in Helsinki, starting from the most simple and budget conscious and ending with a luxury Valentine’s feast of choice….

1.  Esplanadi Park   

Take a moonlight stroll through the Esplanadi Park, stop by the statues and enjoy a homemade picnic on one of the love seats lining the length of the park.  Wrap up warm and stay close to your loved one though, it gets cold in Helsinki in February!  The Esplanadi Park can be found running centrally along the Esplanad road from the Harbour to Stockmann Department Store.

2.  Spice it up with Mexican food!   

A Mexican street kitchen about 15 minute walk from the city centre, along streets lined with architectural gems, you’ll find Cholo.  For €9.80 you’ll get to sample some of the best soft tacos, burritos or Tostadas around (of which, I’ll admit there aren’t many options).  The owners and staff are uber friendly and enthusiastic.  Although a popular lunch time takeaway, the intimate little tables, bar and stools make it a great place to have a bottle of Sol and soak up the happiness.  Note:  Get extra chilli sauce and get there before 20.00 as it shuts at 21.00

3.  Ice Sculpture Festival at Helsinki Zoo    ice sculpture

Go old school, with a classic date at the zoo!  30 top sculptures come to Helsinki Zoo from 14-16 February for Art Meets Ice event that draws quite a crowd.  The best way to reach Helsinki Zoo during Art Meets Ice is the bus 16 from Helsinki central railway station square, bus platform 8. The end stop of the bus is at Helsinki Zoo ticket sales in Mustikkamaa. See the timetable.  Entrance tickets are €14 for an adult.

4.  Spa Experience for Couples

Enjoy a spa treatment as a couple or individually and detox your mind and relationship!  There a few in Helsinki, but a little birdy tells us that Siluetti is one of the best.

5.  Sharing plates of Finnish delicacies

Tapas has been around for a long while – try SAPAS at Juuri Restaurant around the corner from Hotel Fabian, where you can sample sharing plates and small bites of a variety of Finnish foods, such as reindeer, fish roe and Baltic herring.  Perfect for those wanting to try but not sure they would order a whole meal’s worth.  Each plate is €4.60 making a sharing table a really good idea.

6.  Meat Lover’s Heaven   grotesk drinkis

Its not for everyone, admittedly, but Grotesk is a great place for food of the Carnivorous Variety.  Don’t be fooled though, they have vegetarian menu options as well as fish.  However, if you want to try out a good Roasted Elk or similar, this would be the place to go!  They do fabulous cocktails too in the cocktail bar, so definitely worth a look.

7.  Keep it Classic.   le havre helsinki

Not a risk taker?  Then keep it simple.  Let your loved one know you care by the classic meal out in a romantic restaurant.  We’ve got the right one here – Le Havre, set on the ground floor of Seurahuone hotel, is classic french cuisine with the glamour of the first part of the century oozing from the chandeliers!  The oldest hotel in Helsinki, this established moved across the city during 1913.  Chic and sophisticated, with a very approachable menu for all tastes.  Set 3 course menus from €46/person.

8.  Avent Garde dining   luomo image

Helsinki has many fabulous restaurants, LUOMO included.  Their bold and innovate taste choices accompanied by eclectic plating arrangements can be shocking but certainly a great walking point for the while evening.  At €95 for a 12 taste “Tour of Finland” and €75 for a 5 course meal, the price is surprisingly capped for such a highly decorated new establishment.

9.  Finnish Nature Food

The tasting menu at OLO is carefully chosen to represent seasonal produce, Finnish Gastronomy and to stimulate the senses.  From €144 for the menu, plus €155 for drinks for the whole evening, this gastronomic journey is one of the best in the City.

10.  Haven & Havis – a Valentine’s Match made in Heaven      haven-bar

The bar at Hotel Haven has arguably the most extensive range of whiskies in Helsinki and the selection of Vintage champagne isn’t bad either…with lounging sofas, cutesy embroidered dogs on the cushions and classic parlor chess, Haven’s bar is not the lavish gentrified front room for entertaining, more like the tastefully Royal living room I wish I had at home.

Whether you decide to take your tipple before, after or both – sure to stop by next door at Havis for am elegant fish dinner before heading back to the bar.


However your evening begins and ends, we wish you much love this Valentine’s Day





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