Highlights of the Baltic (10 nights)

Highlights of the Baltic The shores of Baltic Sea include some of the most interesting and beautiful cities in Northern Europe. Including Helsinki, Tallinn and St. Petersburg. However it is the history and the people and the regions… Read More

Helsinki Day Trips

Helsinki Day Trips In our Capital city of Helsinki, guests are not left only to museums and shopping!  There are so many activities, events, festivals, community happenings and excursions to join! Most of them can be done quite… Read More

7 Wonders of Scandinavia ( 10 nights )

Best of Scandinavia Group Tour Most people have seen amazing images of snow-capped mountains, dare-devil rock climbing, midnight shamans, Glaciers and thermals springs.  Most tours take guests to visit one or two of them, but most time is… Read More

Norway and Fjords ( 4 nights)

Tour of Norway and Fjords When one thinks of Norway, it is impossible to forget the images of high mountains and deep waters around the Fjords.  Could be that you also know about the ‘Most Beautiful train ride… Read More

Seasons of Arctic Finland

Finland as the year around destination, Spring, Summer, Autumn and the two winter periods (Dark and Spring) offer a multitude of different views and experiences in the safest country to visit in the World.

Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis in Finland

Northern Lights Tours and the magic behind visiting the North