Most people have seen amazing images of snow-capped mountains, dare-devil rock climbing, midnight shamans, Glaciers and thermals springs.  Most tours take guests to visit one or two of them, but most time is spent in the big cities close to airports.

This tour is different, the highlights are daily, with only minimal time spent in populous areas.

One Touch of Nature makes the whole world Kin – William Shakespeare

Highlights of the Tour:


  1. FJORDS of Norway – One of the largest in the World.

One of the most visited natural phenomena in Norway, the Fjords still feel huge and empty spaces that give the “wow” factor!

Travelling by cruise through Sognefjord, one of the longest Fjords in the world, amidst steep mountain ranges, is the perfect way to admire the coastlines dotted with picturesque villages


  1. Steepest (and most beautiful) Train Ride in the World

In the span of a brief hour, the train takes you from sea level at the Sognefjord in Flåm to the Myrdal mountain station at 867 metres above sea level. During the journey, which takes guests through 20 tunnels, there are great viewpoints of the grand Norwegian Scenery.


  1. Waterfalls – 225m high

During the Flåm Railway ride, some of the best “wow” moments are when riding past any of the 5 huge waterfalls on the route. Kjosfossen is among the most famous Waterfalls in Norway, at a staggered 225m in height and its sheer volume reminds us that nature is a powerful mistress.


  1. Archipelago Islands

One of the largest Archipelagos in the world for number of islands!Between Helsinki and Stockholm, there lies the Archipelago Sea and the Stockholm Archipelago, combined have a total of 68,000 islands! When journeying between the two cities by ferry cruise, guests can take advantage of excellent views from their cabin with a sea view, or from the deck! Both cities offer excellent chances of visiting islands right from the city centre.


  1. White Nights

The entire region gets through the dark months by dreaming of the White Nights! During Spring and Summertime, the late sunshine means extra Vitamin D, longer days to fill with all the sweet goodness of the nature and people. Try night swimming in the clean waters along the way.


  1. World’s Biggest Natural Spa

At least, it must be, as the vastness of Saimaa Lake System is unparalleled in terms of cleanliness, accessibility and number of islands.

With 14,000 islands INSIDE the lake system, and 15,000km of coastline, every turn offers views of outstanding natural beauty. Clean waters, natural therapies – one can sauna, steam, eat, breath and bathe in one of the the cleanest (and safest) nature areas in the world. Natural Luxury at its best.

Over half of Europe’s largest lakes are in Finland.


  1. Wild Organic Forest Food

The cleanliness of the region cannot be overstated enough. While Finland, Sweden and Norway tend to keep their Wild Food secret closely guarded, we can let you in on the secret.

We have Wild Certified Organic Forest that guests can visit! The Organic institute believes that over 97% of all Finnish forests could be certified!

Forests, woodlands and swamps are filled with wild berries, and “Everyman’s Right” means that people are free to collect as much as they can carry from the wild forests.

From Spring Strawberries, Summer Bilberries (wild blueberries), Raspberries to elusive Cloudberries, wild forest herbs and plants there is a lot to chose from when it comes to snack time.

Brilliant Extensions:


EXTENSION: 8. Thermal Lagoons & Glaciers Iceland (3 Nights)

An excellent end to an excellent adventure! Iceland’s Geothermal bathing traditions date back to the earliest settlers there.

Nowadays, the Gullfoss Waterfall, the Strokkur “The Churn” Geyser which erupts water every 5-10 minutes and of course the Geothermal Springs are a major attraction not to be missed.


EXTENSION: 9. Midnight Sun (2 Nights)

During this year 2017 – The Sun will not go below the horizon from 23.05 – 20.07.17!

This Midnight Sun Phenomena entices people for its magical feeling of staying out in the mild summer weather while the Sunset and Sunrise meet in the sky!


Group Program:

1 Night Helsinki

2 Nights Saimaa Lakeland

1 Night Helsinki-Stockholm Cruise

1 Night Stockholm

2 Nights Oslo

1 Night Myrdal / Flåm

2 Nights Bergen

EXT: 3 Nights Reykjavik

EXT: 2 Nights Ivalo